Fuck Parade 4 Gallery

The fourth London Fuck Parade takes place on May Day, Sunday 1st May 2016. Meet at 6pm at One Commercial Street, London E1 7PT…

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From the blissful chaos of Fuck Parade 3, after careful reflection we decided to do it again immediately. The autonomous Fuck Brigade has come together to spread the fuck, and have chosen May Day, Sunday 1st May 2016, to celebrate the sacrifices needed to end the years of austerity. 

May Day in 2016 falls slap-bang in the middle of a true Bank Holiday weekend and as a Sunday must surely be a day of rest, quiet reflection and banging techno in our streets.

Tell all your friends and be at One Commercial  Street, London E1 7PT at 6pm sharp on Sunday 1st May 2016 for some real fuck!

Prepared to make the necessary sacrifices, our MaskARaid will liberate space and minds, channeling the ancient energies and the modern anger in a masked parade of fuck.

Fuck Parade is all about what you bring to it. Fuck Paraders bring something for the party:  masks to share, sound systems, performance, costumes, clowning, drums, musical instruments, things that make noise and music, light and colourful smoke.

Don’t come as a consumer, come as a true Fuck Parader!

Want to get involved? Contact us!


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Join in the Fuck Parade in favour of social housing, against gentrification, supporting communities in the face of capitalism