Fuck Parade: We are the start of something new

Remember the 1st of May FUCK PARADE is a costume party, a continuation of a traditional celebration that goes back 100s of years. So make sure you wear your costumes and your masks. Meet Sunday 1st May 2016, 6pm @ One Commercial Street, Aldgate, London E1 7PT…

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May Day celebrations traditionally involve costumes that can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, often with animal themes. We enter into the spirit of May Day with honest intentions and it is our right and freedom to celebrate as we see fit.

Posted originally 27 April 2016: The Fuck Parade is something different, something unique and something alternative. We have grown tired of the wider left, we are bored of trotting around with trots waving placards trying to sell us papers that are not fit to wipe our arses with.

We realise that the bumbling around central London, with police dictating where we can and cannot go is like asking the school bully if he minds that you stand up to him, all the time they survey and record us, illegally, immorally and for their own devious ends.

twitter @fuckparadeLDN
twitter @fuckparadeLDN

We want change, we don’t want leaders or party-politics, mired in sleaze and riddled with corruption. The “opposition” are as bad as those they pretend to want to overthrow and we reject them. For too long they have been acting as “the voice of the people”, self-appointed and not wanted. Who the fuck are they to speak for us?

So we have had to find our own voice, we have had to form our own ideas of tactics and goals, our own ideas of time and motion. We make our dissent on the streets where we live, where we know the tricks and slips and have the upper hand, for we are defending our homes, our freedoms and our rights – from enemies on all sides.

We are learning all the time and we refuse to be monitored and be subject to databases and diagrams as if we were criminals, so we protect our identity, not out of cowardice or crime but to prevent violation of our privacy and our right to be anonymous. We are not criminals, we are the ones who have had crimes committed against us. But we are NOT VICTIMS, we are empowered by our actions.

twitter @fuckparadeLDN
twitter @fuckparadeLDN

Victimhood and feigning offence is for the liberal, the middle-classes and the revolutionary poseurs. There is no room for liberalism or posturing in our struggle. We recognise the gravity of the situation and are trying to drag the protest movement up-to-date and able to oppose effectively and most importantly, ENJOYABLY.

Its a FUCKing party/protest, a rave against the machine – it must be fun and colourful and exciting – WE DEMAND IT!

So join us, lets end the pointless futility of the tired left and make ourselves heard and acknowledged. Its US against THEM… which side are YOU on?

See you on the FUCK PARADE

@fuckparade LDN
twitter @fuckparadeLDN


Please do not try to sell political papers at the FUCK PARADE or hand out placards with party political slogans on. We are not in the business of being co-opted by leftist/socialist or indeed extreme right wing groups. SWP are NOT welcome under any guise, nor are EDL etc. You lot are toxic and we have had enough of your invasive presence on peoples’ demos and your dodgy politics.

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Join in the Fuck Parade in favour of social housing, against gentrification, supporting communities in the face of capitalism