Fuck Parade: We are the start of something new

Remember the 1st of May FUCK PARADE is a costume party, a continuation of a traditional celebration that goes back 100s of years. So make sure you wear your costumes and your masks. Meet Sunday 1st May 2016, 6pm @ One Commercial Street, Aldgate, London E1 7PT…


May Day celebrations traditionally involve costumes that can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, often with animal themes. We enter into the spirit of May Day with honest intentions and it is our right and freedom to celebrate as we see fit.

Posted originally 27 April 2016: The Fuck Parade is something different, something unique and something alternative. We have grown tired of the wider left, we are bored of trotting around with trots waving placards trying to sell us papers that are not fit to wipe our arses with.

We realise that the bumbling around central London, with police dictating where we can and cannot go is like asking the school bully if he minds that you stand up to him, all the time they survey and record us, illegally, immorally and for their own devious ends. Continue reading “Fuck Parade: We are the start of something new”

Fuck Parade information 4 – Definitely London Town

The fucking rich are fucking keen, To fucking keep it fucking mean, The fucking pricks in Parliament, Are fucking us with our consent, The fucking press is fucking lame, The immigrants they fucking blame, Are cautioned not to fuck around, Anywhere in London Town…

By a Londoner, March 2016

The fucking rich are fucking keen
To fucking keep it fucking mean
The fucking pricks in Parliament
Are fucking us with our consent
The fucking press is fucking lame
The immigrants they fucking blame
Are cautioned not to fuck around
Anywhere in London Town

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Fuck Parade information 1 – May Day MaskARaid!

MaskARaid declared! The nearest thing you will get to an official statement from the Fuck Brigade…

The fourth Fuck Parade has been declared, the May Day MaskARaid!

Dress code: smart casual, costumed where possible, with masks. Need a mask? Make one! Here are some examples

Check out the Fuck Parade #4 Gallery for more costume and mask ideas

May Day, 6pm
Sunday 1st May 2016
One Commercial Street
London E1 7PT

What do you want to see at the next Fuck Parade? You want to see fire-breathers? Get some fire-breathers!

We need as many mobile sound systems as possible! Big ones, small ones, on a trolley, in a backpack, pulled by a bike. Just turn up at 6pm @ One Commercial Street, London E1 7PT. More info on getting involved here

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What is it about May Day?

May Day has ancient roots but also modern influences in the struggle for an 8-hour working day in the late 19th century.

The first day of May has for a long time been a day of celebration and pleasure. From pre-historic times, fairs would be held; there would be revelry, dancing and feasting across the country as a day of rest was enjoyed by all except the publicans and street cleaners. And there would be a lot of fucking.

The expensive London area of Mayfair is named after the annual fortnight-long May Fair that, from 1686 to 1764, took place on the site that is now Shepherd Market. The  area was bought up and developed to become a fashionable residential district. And so the fair was banned as the poor could no longer have their admittedly boisterous fun there because it was so much more important to build some really big houses for very rich cunts. Continue reading “What is it about May Day?”

What the fuck is it about gentrification?

Why does the Fuck Brigade get so angry about gentrification? What can we do to make sure communities are protected from profit-hungry developers?

Prepare for the dissertations! What do you think about gentrification? How would you define it? How can housing development benefit the most vulnerable rather than the richest in society?

Here are some interesting articles, just the start of a broader interrogation of what is happening to our housing situation, be it in villages, towns or the biggest cities. Continue reading “What the fuck is it about gentrification?”