Fuck Parade 4 Gallery – MaskARaid!

We hope everyone enjoyed our night out, a parade full of creative fuck took the streets. Photos, some video and reports from the London MaskARAid, Sunday 1st May…


Here are some images and links to articles and other sources about how the fuck we did the Fuck Parade on 1st May 2016. Please credit the photographers for any use. All images have been pillaged from various social media sites. No watermarks have been removed and full credit and copyright is given to all declared publishers. Continue reading “Fuck Parade 4 Gallery – MaskARaid!”

Fuck Parade salutes and thanks all parading fuckers!

A fucking big thank you to all who turned out for May 1st, a true fuck of a parade, a family of fuck in the streets and on the bridges, on the pavements and the fridges…

A fucking big thank you to all who turned out for the May 1st Fuck Parade against gentrification, a true fuck of a parade demanding social housing, a family of fuck in the streets and on the bridges, masks and sound mixing in London’s streets.

A fucking big thank you to all the mobile rigs, all shapes and sizes, fuckers every one, for all their effort and dedication and fine musical taste. Continue reading “Fuck Parade salutes and thanks all parading fuckers!”

Fuck Parade 2 Gallery

The second London Fuck Parade took place in Camden on Saturday 11 July 2015…

The Fuck Brigade felt that London needed more fuck after the success of the first Parade. Camden, as a target of continued waves of gentrification, was facing up to the loss of the alternative markets and social spaces to faceless high-street chain store development and the sale of social housing to be replaced by new-build flats affordable only to those on £150,000 a year. So maybe Camden needed a good fucking… Continue reading “Fuck Parade 2 Gallery”

Fuck Parade 1 Gallery

The first London Fuck Parade took place on 1st May 2015, starting out from a protest against “poor doors”…

The London Fuck Parade began as a “Fuck you” to property developers who had introduced “Poor doors” into one of their shiny new blocks of apartments in Aldgate on the edge of London’s East End. Tenants on affordable rates or social rent tenants were obliged to use a separate door down a dark side alley, while those paying full rate could swagger through a front concierge area with chandeliers glittering above and bag-carriers on hand 24hr… Continue reading “Fuck Parade 1 Gallery”

What the fuck is it about gentrification?

Why does the Fuck Brigade get so angry about gentrification? What can we do to make sure communities are protected from profit-hungry developers?

Prepare for the dissertations! What do you think about gentrification? How would you define it? How can housing development benefit the most vulnerable rather than the richest in society?

Here are some interesting articles, just the start of a broader interrogation of what is happening to our housing situation, be it in villages, towns or the biggest cities. Continue reading “What the fuck is it about gentrification?”