Fuck Parade 4 Gallery – MaskARaid!

We hope everyone enjoyed our night out, a parade full of creative fuck took the streets. Photos, some video and reports from the London MaskARAid, Sunday 1st May…


Here are some images and links to articles and other sources about how the fuck we did the Fuck Parade on 1st May 2016. Please credit the photographers for any use. All images have been pillaged from various social media sites. No watermarks have been removed and full credit and copyright is given to all declared publishers. Continue reading “Fuck Parade 4 Gallery – MaskARaid!”

Where next for the Fuck Parade?

Let us know what you think about the last Fuck Parade, and what you think you could contribute to the next one, if there is the fuck to do it again. Do you have the fuck?

So we have completed the fourth Fuck Parade. We continue to fuck about as we wish and we wish to continue the fuck. But we must fuck together. What could we do better? What could you do better? What did we miss out? Where did we fuck up?  Continue reading “Where next for the Fuck Parade?”

Fuck Parade salutes and thanks all parading fuckers!

A fucking big thank you to all who turned out for May 1st, a true fuck of a parade, a family of fuck in the streets and on the bridges, on the pavements and the fridges…

A fucking big thank you to all who turned out for the May 1st Fuck Parade against gentrification, a true fuck of a parade demanding social housing, a family of fuck in the streets and on the bridges, masks and sound mixing in London’s streets.

A fucking big thank you to all the mobile rigs, all shapes and sizes, fuckers every one, for all their effort and dedication and fine musical taste. Continue reading “Fuck Parade salutes and thanks all parading fuckers!”

Fuck Parade information 5 – Find a police station

If a friend ends up arrested, ask the coppers which police station your friend is being taken to, you can help…

What do we all want to enjoy this Fuck Parade the most? Everyone goes home happy is the ideal. But sometimes people could be arrested due to a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

So here is a map of police stations in London, so if your friend ends up arrested, ask the coppers – if possible – which police station your friend is being taken to. You can help.  Continue reading “Fuck Parade information 5 – Find a police station”

Fuck Parade information 2 – Map of estate agents in London

Ever wondered where your nearest estate or letting agent office might be? Now you can find out in one easy click!

Some helpful Fuck Parader has kindly sent us a map of all estate agents in London, just in case anyone needed to know where they were. Continue reading “Fuck Parade information 2 – Map of estate agents in London”

Fuck Parade information 1 – May Day MaskARaid!

MaskARaid declared! The nearest thing you will get to an official statement from the Fuck Brigade…

The fourth Fuck Parade has been declared, the May Day MaskARaid!

Dress code: smart casual, costumed where possible, with masks. Need a mask? Make one! Here are some examples

Check out the Fuck Parade #4 Gallery for more costume and mask ideas

May Day, 6pm
Sunday 1st May 2016
One Commercial Street
London E1 7PT

What do you want to see at the next Fuck Parade? You want to see fire-breathers? Get some fire-breathers!

We need as many mobile sound systems as possible! Big ones, small ones, on a trolley, in a backpack, pulled by a bike. Just turn up at 6pm @ One Commercial Street, London E1 7PT. More info on getting involved here

More information soon. Continue reading “Fuck Parade information 1 – May Day MaskARaid!”

Fuck Parade 3 Gallery

The third London Fuck Parade took place in Shoreditch, 26 September 2015…

Something was happening. More and people gave a fuck. They gave a fuck about the prices of sudden unaffordable rent rises, the sale of cheaper social housing for private profit, the loss of social and cultural space to young moneyed types who thought it perfectly reasonable to charge their mates £5 for a coffee.

On Saturday 26th September 2015, Fuck Parade 3 gathered at Shoreditch tube station…  Continue reading “Fuck Parade 3 Gallery”