Fuck Parade: We are the start of something new

Remember the 1st of May FUCK PARADE is a costume party, a continuation of a traditional celebration that goes back 100s of years. So make sure you wear your costumes and your masks. Meet Sunday 1st May 2016, 6pm @ One Commercial Street, Aldgate, London E1 7PT…


May Day celebrations traditionally involve costumes that can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, often with animal themes. We enter into the spirit of May Day with honest intentions and it is our right and freedom to celebrate as we see fit.

Posted originally 27 April 2016: The Fuck Parade is something different, something unique and something alternative. We have grown tired of the wider left, we are bored of trotting around with trots waving placards trying to sell us papers that are not fit to wipe our arses with.

We realise that the bumbling around central London, with police dictating where we can and cannot go is like asking the school bully if he minds that you stand up to him, all the time they survey and record us, illegally, immorally and for their own devious ends. Continue reading “Fuck Parade: We are the start of something new”

Fuck Parade 3 Gallery

The third London Fuck Parade took place in Shoreditch, 26 September 2015…

Something was happening. More and people gave a fuck. They gave a fuck about the prices of sudden unaffordable rent rises, the sale of cheaper social housing for private profit, the loss of social and cultural space to young moneyed types who thought it perfectly reasonable to charge their mates £5 for a coffee.

On Saturday 26th September 2015, Fuck Parade 3 gathered at Shoreditch tube station…  Continue reading “Fuck Parade 3 Gallery”